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What is cash flow modeling?

Shows how much you need to live on and how to prepare for the ongoing costs of your lifestyle.

A good way to prepare for the unexpected.

Takes into account your expectations, investments, savings, potential spendings on university fees, holidays,special birthdays.

Takes the headache out of planning for the future.

So how do we do it ?

We will sit down with you and discuss your future plans, budgets and your aspirations.

Spend some time discussing how you want to prepare for large purchases like that trip around the world, or when your child decides he wants to go to university.

Plan your savings today to make your life more comforatable in the future.

Cashflow Model

We can take into account your current net worth

Net Worth 38


Then work out your Net Worth into Retirement for this example we have chosen 65

Net Worth65


Then following on 20 years after you have retired at 85

Networth 85


This is an example of how we can assist you with planning for the future.

Take out the guess work involved going forward.

Help you provide goals and targets for you to remain solvent.

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Start planning your future today.