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Help us to help you.

It is important that you to get the most from your Financial Planning Review. So, if you’ve got the time, it’s a good idea to do a little planning of your own, it’s not compulsory.

You might like to think about and jot down:

Your financial goals

Do you want to plan for something special, daughters wedding, world cruise, are you concerned about the level of family protection, is it enough? or prepare for your retirement?

Your current finances

Are you happy with the arrangements you have in place? If you are, why, if not tell us what you want to change. Do you have a monthly budget you try to stick to? The more we know, the more we can help.

What the future holds

Is there a foreseeable future event that could have an impact on your plans in the short term that may concern you, such as pregnancy, redundancy, Inheritance,

It’s also important to have information on any investments, protection or pension plans you have at the moment. This could include:

  • Bank and building society account statements or passbooks
  • Certificates for any investments or shares you hold
  • Details of any pension scheme you’re a member of
  • Details of any personal pensions you have
  • Existing life assurance policies
  • A recent payslip
  • A completed income and expenditure analysis

So how do we get paid?

You can pay us by way of a fee and we can agree a fixed amount for work we undertake for you based on past experiance, as we can get an idea of how long the process will take and the amount of hours involved.
You can pay us by the way of provider commission that some providers will pay depending on the product
You can pay us by Fee and also Commission depending on the actual work we undertake for you , if there is commission available this can go towards the overall cost of providing a service for you.

Fees can be paid directly or can be deducted from a contract.

Its your choice how you pay us.