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After recently deciding to re-new my income protection policy I asked you for your advice. After sitting down and going through the various different options available, you found a policy that perfectly suited my needs. Not only are the terms and conditions of the new policy that I have taken a lot better than my previous policy, but it has also given me a saving of £35 per month. I found your approach to be very professional and would highly recommend your service to anyone.
A neighbour of mine, living above a property with a specific licence, had struggled to sell his flat out for the last two years. Both he and his wife were unsure whether to sell the property or to invest in a new property. Having met Linda through the BNI, and having her do some work for another friend of mine – I had no hesitation in recommending her service to my neighbour. Last week, they had an offer accepted and all mortgage paperwork completed – and cannot speak highly enough of the work Linda has done for them. I have been consistently thanked for making it happen for them, when all I needed to do was introduce Linda and allow her to work her mortgage magic! My neighbours have promised me a night out with an unlimited supply of beer, so I will most certainly be recommending Linda to others. They have waited two years with no luck, and one month after meeting Linda, they are planning their move to their dream property.
I just wanted to thank you for providing an excellent service in finding the beat life and critical illness insurance for me and Louise. The new policy covers nearly twice as many illnesses as my previous policy…and is £50 per month cheaper. Therefore, it has given me additional comfort on my insurance, and more cash in my pocket. I would happily recommend your services to anyone looking for life and critical illness cover.
Jonathan Davies, MJF Accountancy
1992 I was working my family business in Cheshire and signed professional terms to play rugby for Widnes RLFC. A back
injury unfortunately halted my progression at the club and I spent much of the season on the physio’s bench.
I continued working and building the family business and began to study in order to gain my master’s degree.
1995 I had recovered from the back injury and once again wanted to pursue a career in rugby. After an introduction by Frank Myler at Widnes RLFC, I signed professional terms for Runcorn Highfield RLFC. It was here that I met Tommy Frodsham who was then Player-Coach and who was also to become my financial advisor.
Over three years the Club changed to Highfield RLFC and later became Prescot Panthers RLFC and Tommy took me along with him.
1998 Whilst I was still developing my business and playing at Prescot on a semi-pro basis, Tommy introduced me to some financial investments. First there was the company pension scheme and later a critical illness insurance cover. I was hesitant about the insurance cover because I was so fit but Tommy assured me it was the right decision.
In early 1998, Prescot Panthers folded and my rugby career looked finished until I was offered a training opportunity to qualify for the England Touch Rugby Team.
1999 The business was growing and Tommy continued to advise me and the company. In January, I was selected to play for England and in March I went to Australia to play in the World Cup.
On my return from Australia I found a client had gone into liquidation owing my company £250,000.00 with little chance of any return. The company struggled and I had to cut back and restructure.
“Don’t cancel the insurance policy”, Tommy told me. I didn’t cancel it but seriously thought about it on many occasions.
I finally received my PhD in this year which had taken me seven years to obtain.
2000 The business was beginning to grow again and I was once again selected to play for England, this time at the European Championships in Scotland. We won the championship and for the next two seasons played my game at St Helens, once again under Tommy Frodsham.
In September 2002 I hung up my boots and changed my plans.
2002 With my business becoming steady and consistent I needed a physical outlet and for next six years became a personal body guard to rich and famous. I worked with such names as Nigel Benn, Boy George and Russell Watson.
2008 I stopped being a body guard. Why? Because, in December I went into heart failure without any warning. In January 2009 my condition was so bad the priest was called and my fiancé was told the wedding would not take place.
Tommy Frodsham came to see me and told me that I still had the critical illness policy and he was making arrangements for a claim against it.
Obviously I survived but before I left the hospital a cheque for over £200,000.00 was in my bank account.
2009 I got married in May to Monika in Estonia. After another heart failure and many more weeks in hospital we realised that time was not on my side. The payment I had received was fortunately allowing me and my family to stay in our home and live a relatively normal life.
Tommy signed me up to a health plan, of which I thought was madness at the time.
2011 I changed my consultants and paid for treatment out of my savings until one day it became apparent that health plan had kicked in and the insurance company had to pay.
2012 After three heart surgeries which were all partly funded by my health plan the doctors gave me a prognosis that I was at last happy with. I began raising money for our local hospital and now run a charity called Have a Heart.
I have recently been appointed Director of Rugby at The Rugby Club of Liverpool.
2013 My testament is that even I who was so fit and strong could not escape the clutches of such a disease like heart disease and heart failure. If I had not had the correct insurance policies in place, I truly believe I would not be here today and my wife would not be in our family home in the lovely village of Kingsley.
Dr Christopher Hale, Company Director, Charity Trustee and Director of Rugby
In 1996; with the financial advice from Tommy Frodsham, we moved into our newly built home. Tommy had organised the mortgage and a critical illness policy, everything was very straight forward and we just got on with our lives and forgot about it.
In 2005 I underwent medicals to take the ultimate trip in Russia. As I have my pilots licence I flew a MIG29 to the Edge of Space. I was fit to fly and it was an incredible experience.
Roll forward to 2009 I go to my GP’s and tell him that I am not ill but something isn’t right. After various tests I am told that I’m not ill, I’m very ill and require major heart surgery!
Also, the hospital was not prepared to undertake this type of surgery and so I was forwarded to a specialist cardiac consultant in Manchester. This specialist concurred with the prognosis of the first hospital but also refused to operate saying my best option was a specialist team at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.
So after a couple months of testing/monitoring on the 15th Feb 2010 I had an operation at the LHCH, the number one cardiac unit in the country.
The operation lasted All day, I was frozen and life support is turned off, this is a relatively new form of cardiac surgery (See the BBC Horizon Program ‘Back from The Dead’) The patient has no respiratory function, no blood circulation and no electrical brain activity and is very very cold.
I had my aortic valve replaced with a tissue valve, the aortic root was replaced, the entire ascending aorta and the arch of the aorta. I was in hospital for ten days.
After a couple of week’s recuperation at home Tommy called to see how I was recovering and how I was getting on with my critical illness claim – what claim?? I had completely forgot about the policy with all that had gone on but thankfully Tommy had it all sorted. A cheque duly arrived and the mortgage disappeared I have now made a full recovery, I am back in work, back clocking up the miles mountain biking and successfully completing at endurance kart racing. Life is good.
Paul Massey, Newton Le Willows, Gas fitter, but now retired due to ill health