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  • Are you fed up with going it alone?
  • Would you like to be a part of a team and share resources?
  • Are you struggling with the changes required under TCF?
  • Are you worried about the affects of the RDR?
  • Are you concerned about the proposed new capital adequacy requirements?
  • Do you want a client bank to service?
  • Do you want to leave financial services over the next 3 to 5 years?
  • Do you find your current Network restricts your business?
  • Do you find their in-house rules prevent you from developing your business?
  • Do you feel trapped?


If any of these apply, then maybe we can help. We are Upfront Financial Services, established in April 2003. At the heart of our business are a team of Independent Financial Advisers who have joined forces to form a directly authorised firm.

We fully understand the issues that hold IFA’s back, such as a lengthy administration and compliance, as well as the frustrations many of them have with network services. With this in mind we have created a support package allowing you more time to manage and grow your own businesses.

We are constantly looking to expand our business base which in turn would enable us to achieve our strategic corporate objectives for the collective interest of all of our Advisers. We are doing this right now by recruiting Financial Services Professionals with experience, sound business ethics, and ambition. We are happy to consider this on a Registered Individual or an Appointed Representative basis.
We appreciate that you may only consider a change if you find a company with that certain ‘something’, maybe the right business ethos. If you join us, the success of your business will be how we measure the success of ours. This is not the sort of decision you take lightly, by leaving it to chance or by making a snap decision.
We believe in face to face discussion and we would welcome an opportunity of meeting with you, to discuss how Upfront Financial Services can help you set and achieve the goals you have for yourself and your business. This will also enable you to evaluate our structure and support systems and see how they will help you run a profitable and compliant business.

We offer:

You will have access to your client files on our internet based back office system, anywhere in the world 24 / 7. This back office system also incorporates your diary and work flow to keep you on track. In addition, we will provide you with access to Research and Quotation Software for Life and Mortgage products. We have also our own “White Label Wrap” which gives added value to you as an adviser as well as a benefit to your clients. Everything in one place will make reviews easier for you to do and clients to understand.

Central to the culture at Upfront Financial Services is a strict adherence to our Client Charter which pledges to Treat Customers Fairly across the full spectrum of our activities. Upfront Financial Services provides support to a range of self employed IFA’s. They enjoy the freedom of running their own businesses, whilst benefiting from the comfort and structure of a forward thinking Financial Services Company.
Compliance – T & C – Para Planning – Monthly Commission /fee Payments or when your account reaches £2000 – Commission Chasing – FCA Fees – PII Cover – Research Undertaken For You – Suitability Reports Produced – Product Research – New Business Processing.

We provide you with system and framework an IFA needs to run their business professionally and profitably.
We invite you to contact us by email, by phone on 01706 712141 and would welcome a confidential, no obligation chat of how we can help your business and career move forward.

On behalf of Upfront Financial Services

  • Guaranteed buy out
  • Ownership of your clients
  • A Proven back office system
  • Paperless Office
  • Exit Strategy
  • Novation in and out
  • Commission Enhancements
  • Low retention on indemnity commission
  • No Network Restrictions
  • Competitive retention rate

We will:

  • Scan all documentation onto your client database
  • Research products on your behalf
  • Request quotes on your behalf
  • Chase all business and commission etc
  • Provide a telephone answering service when required (e.g. holidays etc)
  • A back-office system to enable you to provide your clients with a comprehensive suitability report.
  • Deal with any compliance issues
  • Track your CPD
  • Provide training