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What are your Pre Retirement Investment Options?

With an ever increasing range of options available, people who are considering retiring in the near future require the advice of independent financial advisers more than ever.

Your investment choices in the few years before you retire are crucial.

They could make all the difference to maintaining your lifestyle into retirement.

There are a number of choices when it comes to retirement:

  • Standard or Enhanced Annuity
  • Income Drawdown
  • Phased retirement
  • Triviality
  • Flexi Drawdown
  • Do nothing at this time

Speak to someone who can advise you on all of the options not just one way.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements before its too late

Financial Advisers can offer access to the entire open market for annuities and drawdown options

In order to access the entire open market, retirees should enlist the help of a qualified financial adviser.

We are Certified Financial Advisers and can ‘shop around’ for the best deals on pension annuity rates for our clients and compare quotes from a range of providers.

The range and complexity of the options mean that retirees need independent financial advice to ensure their own best interests. Independent financial advisers are regulated by the FCA and, by law, must give impartial advice to their clients. That means they are completely free of any ties to any provider and must recommend the option that is best suited to your needs.

Using your Pension as a Business Loan

As financial advisers we are often consulted regarding capital raising for business purposes.

The banks will offer you a very generous rate, to them and business owners are thanking them and taking them up on this, we I suppose get the ones which are declined by the banks, luckily for them and they are amazed that we can utilise the pension fund for the loan and they can pay themselves the same rate of interest.

Why pay a bank 10% if you can pay it to yourself and get tax relief. After all how many investment can you make which will give you that as a guaranteed return over the next five years.

*Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more details.

Further Information

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